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Lean Kaizen
Usprawnienie procesów
Analityka biznesowa

Improvement of logistics, warehousing and production processes

Cost optimisation through the identification of key reasons of problems and the definition and implementation of changes.

We begin improvements from a pre-implementation analysis, during which the company’s current situation is analysed, wastes and bottlenecks are identified.

We also indicate areas of changes and improvements aimed at increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. The next step is a project of permanent changes and improvements.

We take a great effort to ensure that implemented changes are stable.

Our purpose is to smoothly pass on improvements to the owner of a process.

Implementation of IT systems and business analytics

We support our clients on the selection and implementation of IT systems, which in an optimal way help a company with their processes.

Our analytics map and analyse the business processes in an organisation and they identify areas of improvement.

We support our clients on choosing the most appropriate IT system for their company by creating a functional specification and advising with choosing a solution supplier.

We participate in software designing from the first phase of collecting data and requirements by: projecting, implementing and testing to the correct functioning of the system.

Our aim includes:

  • Eliminate unexpected implementation costs
  • Ensure that the system will be adapted to the specifics and special needs of the company
  • Ensure that the implementation brings expected benefits

The result of our operations is modern system tailored to the organisation’s needs and its processes.


Zmniejszenie poziomu zapasów
Obniżenie kosztów transportu

Reduction of inventory level

We indicate solutions which ensure increased profitability of a sale with the reduction of inventory levels and better product availability.

The reduction of the stock level is one of the most important factors of increasing logistics processes efficiency. Decreasing inventory costs can be obtained by optimising the stock level which allows for an increase of the enterprises’ competitiveness and profitability. Our services in the area of warehousing:

  • Conduct a consistency and efficiency analysis of forecasting, planning and inventory management processes
  • Analyse stock level and historic sale data
  • Analyse groups of stock in respect of value, turnover rate, demand
  • Seek compromise between the interest of sales, logistics, production and purchase departments

The aim is to indicate solutions providing the profitability of sale increase by a reduction of the stock level and better product availability.

Decreasing cost of transport

We help our clients in developing optimal solutions of the supply and distribution for their products.

Our purpose is to minimise distribution costs by conducting transport benchmarks and tenders and also optimisation of the warehouse chain, planning distribution and transport orders. The scope of our support includes:

  • Compare clients’ and markets’ rates
  • Support in negotiations with logistics operators
  • Support in creating reports of transport costs control
  • Determination of the amount and location of warehouses, from where distribution will be economical
  • Determination of optimal number and type of means of transport
  • Conduct transport tenders

The effects of cooperation with our company are: decrease of transport costs, conformity contracts with logistics operators in relation to clients requirements and improvement of effectiveness and minimising of distribution costs.

Outsourcing pracowników
Zarządzanie projektami

Staff outsourcing

Our offer also includes the temporary outsourcing of competent and experienced project managers, analytics and consultants.

We render services for clients, who need qualified personnel for conducting or supporting a project team. Our specialists possess such competencies as:

  • Considerable communication skills
  • Ability to adapt quickly to new situations
  • Experience in project implementation in accordance with the Price2 or DMAIC methodology
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Fluent knowledge of business processes mapping standards – BPMN notation
  • Great knowledge of ERP systems

We accompany our clients in achieving successes, what can provide references and long term experiences.

Project management

We conduct projects accordingly to methods recommended by Project Management Institute and furthermore with an adjustment to the client’s needs.

We specialise in projects from the area of:

  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Inventory management and raw materials, goods and packages stock level reduction
  • Built Lean Management and Kaizen culture
  • Production processes planning and management
  • Work and warehouse infrastructure organisation
  • Defining rates and supporting managerial processes during the implementation of solutions allow for controlling processes in an enterprise
  • Optimisation of transport and distribution processes

Communication in the team is for us the key to achieve success. We manage in accordance with the Lean Management and Kaizen philosophy.