“In August 2014 we requested Smart Project to conduct an audit. The goals of this audit were accurate and reliable solutions regarding stock levels and warehousing processes. Moreover, during the audit, variants of recommended actions and determined benefits which they could provide the company with were created. We decided to […]


“The involvement and professionalism of the Smart Project team resulted in the project being executed effectively and the aim on increased productivity was achieved. Both in the opinion management and the employees Smart Project present themselves as a high-quality service provider. We can fully recommend Smart Project as a reliable […]


“The area of the project was very extensive but thanks to full engagement of consultants from Smart Project all subjects were successfully concluded. We value cooperation with Smart Project very much as the solutions recommended by the Consultants fulfil our expectations and lead to our company’s improved position on the […]

Volkswagen Group Polska

“We have cooperated with Smart Project since 2011. We value Smart Project’s consultants for their attitude, knowledge, experience and suggested optimal solutions which limit business risk.”


“As results of the audit we received a professional diagnosis of the current situation with an indication of direct areas for improvement to enable the company’s further remarkable development. As a consequence, we decided to implemented selected actions conducted by Smart Project in cooperation with the warehouse operator. We can […]


“The professional approach and involvement of experts led to timely and effective works being carried out. The proposed methodology of the project implementation fully conform to the management’s and employees’ expectations. All of this led to the project’s successful conclusion and brought savings for our company.”

Dr. Oetker Poland

“The outcome of the audit was a reliable assessment of our processes with a recommendation of possible improvements which were based on professionally prepared analytics. We can fully recommend Smart Project as a trustworthy partner which possesses great knowledge and experience from the area of logistics.”

Kreisel-Technika Budowlana Sp. z o. o.

“During the conducted project in the company, Smart Project engaged our employees in process mapping, analysis and generating solutions. Through this, they could improve their competencies and gain new experience. Also they saw that they can by themselves create optimal solutions, processes and that the efficiency rate of the processes […]

Good Food

“As results of the audit we received a professional diagnosis of the current situation with an indication of direct areas for improvement to allow for the company’s further remarkable development. Moreover, we decided to implement the indicated recommendations conducted by Smart Project.”

Volkswagen Group Polska

“We value cooperation with Smart Project, because every task is performed with great care paid to quality and details. During the course of our cooperation, Smart Project has become known as a reliable business partner which has an experienced team of experts. The solutions recommended by Smart Project are innovative […]